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Casablanca Chess

A competitive and fun tournament played using a new “Casablanca variant” designed to celebrate the history of chess

Organizer: Morocco Chess Week

Line-up: 4 players, representing the best from each continent

Duration: 2 days, Saturday-Sunday May 18th-19th

Rounds #: 3 per day, 6 in total

Time control: Rapid 

Format: Casablanca variant

Chief Arbiter: IA Nebojsa Baralic

Tournament Director: Salim Belcadi

A Prestigious Line-Up

For this exceptional tournament, we've assembled an exclusive roster of international grandmasters to represent the best from each continent.



GM Magnus Carlsen


Currently the reigning World Chess Champion and widely regarded as the greatest player of all time, the Norwegian prodigy set a record by becoming the youngest player to surpass the 2800 Elo rating barrier in 2009.

Carlsen has won multiple world rapid (twice) and blitz (four times) titles, reached the highest Elo rating in history, and amassed numerous victories in major tournaments, including two at Norway Chess and seven at Wijk Aan Zee.


These four world-renowned players will bring their talent and expertise to deliver a memorable spectacle at this historic tournament.

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